I shouldn’t have to write this. I shouldn’t have to tweet about this, yet here we are.

As we’ve seen now, Adam Jones, the brilliant center fielder for the Baltimore Orioles was this Monday racially taunted by fans at Fenway Park and had peanuts thrown at him in their game vs the Boston Red Sox.

I’m shaking my head for a couple of reasons at this. One, this is a sport that has a major issue with involvement of black players, less than 70 players on major league rosters are black and the last thing that this league needs is more negative attention on the subject of players of colour especially when it comes to racial slurs, something that in 2017 is still pathetically still happening.

Granted, the MLB is working to try and get more black kids into the game and one of the top prospects in America and possible future #1 pick in the MLB draft is black in the form of pitcher/shortstop Hunter Greene but the numbers are still dramatically lacking and we haven’t had 10% of players in the Majors who are black in over 10 years.

70 years after Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s colour barrier so much work still has to be done.

Two, this is another mark on the city of Boston in terms of race and sport. Let me say this though, I want to visit Boston, I have friends who call the city their home. Not everyone is a bigoted idiot in the city, it looks like a fun place but lets not kid ourselves, going back to the days of the aforementioned  Robinson and Bill Russell black athletes have had issues with the city and in more modern times PK Subban, David Price and Joel Ward have faced racial slurs from the 617.

I am glad about one thing, these comments are being condemned swiftly and soundly from various voices in the world of sport and governance around North America.

A few examples.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh


FNTSY Sports Network Host Gabe Morency 


OilersRig.com Writer Alex Thomas 



Here’s the thing though, the punishments need to be bigger. I don’t think it’s enough to just kick a fan or a couple of fans out of a stadium or just simply ban them for life.

FIFA has punished teams in soccer for racial slurs with empty stadium games, why not bring that to the MLB? You want to drive home the point that this crap won’t be tolerated any longer? Especially in Boston?

Sorry, then the next three Red Sox-Orioles games will be played before only the stadium staff and media. No fans allowed, oh and for the people that caused you, the good hard working fan who would never yell the N word at a player to miss out on going to a game for their stupidity? An MLB wide lifetime ban of games. From Spring Training to the World Series. We don’t need you. If they like video games heck you’re not even allowed to play MLB The Show anymore, patch in an update just for their console that causes their PS4 to explode once they hit the first loading screen.

Make people think twice, three times or four before they dare shout such garbage which could cost a lot not just for themselves and for others.

It’s not a 100% rock solid plan to eliminate racism at the ballpark but we have to do something more. Adam Jones deserves to play a game he enjoys without hearing a thing about his race. Comment on his game all you want, leave the colour of his skin alone. A real fan would.