The man that was cooler than the other side of the pillow

By Avry Lewis-McDougall To say that I was shocked by the passing of long time ESPN personality Stuart Scott yesterday would be a colossal understatement. Cancer took Stu yesterday at the age of 49 after battling it three times. Make […]

Losing in the 90s and Losing now

(“I once scored 70 goals in a season…how did I end up in this situation?”) By Avry Lewis-McDougall The current Edmonton Oilers at 8-22-9 are on pace to having yet another historically bad season and one of the worst non […]

The All Star hour for the CWHL

By Avry Lewis-McDougall The term “All Star Game” usually comes with the assumption that the game will be boring and lack any type of intensity. Such was not the case with the CWHL All Star Game. December 12th saw the […]

Avry’s Sports Show: San Jose takes a bite out of the Oilers

By Avry Lewis-McDougall So……………..umm…..yeah who’s ready for Christmas?

The hockey version of Pitch Talks, aka On the Big Ice

By Avry Lewis-McDougall Do you remember Pitch Talks don’t you? The baseball speakers series created by Tall Boys co owner Kevin Kennedy that was the perfect platform for members of baseball media to speak with fans of the game? Well […]

Avry’s Sports Show: Recapping the 102nd Grey Cup!

By Avry Lewis-McDougall Looking back on it I should have mentioned DOME THUNDER, in this video which was more important than Imagine Dragons at halftime.

Marlies drop seven in a row

By Avry Lewis-McDougall 7 is usually a magical number. For the Toronto Marlies, 7 represents the current amount of games in a row that they have lost. This past weekend the Marlies dropped another game and once again the offense […]

What’s up with the Marlies?

By Avry Lewis-McDougall Yo Avry, how are the Marlies looking so far this year? Do you really want to know? Of course! You’re 100 percent positive in that answer? Yes dang it! Alright, right now they sit in last place […]

6 more icons into the Hall

By Avry Lewis-McDougall This past Sunday and Monday saw the Hockey Hall of Fame Induction weekend continue with first hockey’s icons strap on the skates one more time in the legends’ Showcase game at the Air Canada Centre in a […]

Avry’s Sports Show: Interview with Chris Pronger at the Hockey Hall of Fame

By Avry Lewis-McDougall Here’s my interview with former NHL defenceman Chris Pronger at the Hockey Hall of Fame Inductions from this past Monday night.